Tag from Mummy Dasy

Lagi satu tag yg dah kena peram..

daha masak ranum dah ni..hehe~

kan saya dah janji nak settlekan semuanye minggu ni..

The rules are

1.copy and paste the question to your blog

2.answer it.. SIMPLE

The most sweet moments in your life?

married with my ever dearest hubby..Mohd Nazir Mahat..

(macam mimpi tau rasenye..coz mule ² saya adalah peminat senyap En. Nazir)

Named your idol?

Siti Khadijah R.A

What will you do if you’re the last person in this world?

OMG! Cry..cry n cry..huhu~ (kalau sempat lagi kena byk ² taubat..byk dosa woo)

The most important thing in your life?

FAMILY is my first priority..

Arrange marriage or love marriage?

love marriage.. (my parents takdenye nak arrange² or suh org lain arrange kn)

Eight things that you’ll bring along with you everyday?




4.Office key

5.Pen drive

6.Car Key

7.Minyak Cap Kapak

8.Folic Acid Tablet

Eight things that you passionate about?


2.Women Accessories






8.Home Deco

Your favorite quote or wisdom words?

“If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, its yours forever. If it doesnt, then it was never meant to be”

Your best listener or advisor?

En. Nazir n Pn. Kasmah (my mom)

Romantic words or poem you wrote?

takde kot..

Ten love songs you been listening over and over again?

1.Laskar Pelangi -Nidji

2.Ayat2 Cinta – Rossa

3.Satu Penantian – Dwen

4.Penjaga Hati – Ari Lasso

5.Here Without You – 3 Doors Down

6.Lagu Kita – Aizat

7.Cuba – Faizal Tahir

8.Keep Holding On – Avril Lavigne

9.Jinbara – Patri

10.All My Life -KC & Jojo

Shoes size?


Named 5 your favorite perfume?

Body Shop- White Musk (dulu..kini & selamanye)

Avon – Smile

Bvlgari – Aqva

Kenzo – Flower


Place you wanna visit?

of course Mekah..

Hugs or kisses or sex?

sensored ni..tak mo jwb!

The most expensive thing you owned?

entah ek..hp takde la mahal.. yg mahal saya ade En. Nazir kot..susah nak dpt ganti..hehehe

Your valentine gift?

tak mungkin ade..

The most weird birthday present you got?

setakat ni tak de..

People you wanna tag?


Nota kaki: menitis peluh betina nak jawab..hehe~


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